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My A3 Sportback (58 / 8P)

Simonbt Jul 15, 2012

  1. Simonbt

    Simonbt New Member

    Hi All!

    New to the forums so Hi! Moved from a Skoda Fabia TDi to this one so still with VAG just a slight step upwards [​IMG]

    Got a couple of questions, but thought I would post a couple of piccies in payment!

    Firstly, its registered as a Audi A3 SE 104 TDI - I've gotta say it doesn't have a agressive mapping that the Fabia had (That was standard too), and it feels rather sluggish - Remapping is definately something I wanna get done, got Shark or Awesome in mind to get it done but more curious whether the engine is the PD or Common-rail. Any pointers to tell them apart, I'm fairly good under the bonnet so feel free to be technical about it. Also any pointers about the map itself, not bothered about a huge boost and would like to keep/improve the fuel economy - Do i need to be worried about the clutch?

    Also, and recommendations for window tinting in South Yorkshire - Just after the rear windows as privacy glass, similar to what you would get OEM on a lot of recent cars.


    Thanks all and good to be here!
  2. andyhough

    andyhough Member

    Nice motor mate, can't wait for my new led lights now! They look much better!:o.k:
  3. Simonbt

    Simonbt New Member

    Thanks, absolutely love it! The rear lights do look real nice. I've been looking around at the LED DRLs, Its my birthday soon and the missus is wanting me to tell her what i want :search:
  4. phil_w

    phil_w Active Member VCDS Map User Team Brill Red Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S-line owners group

    The 1.9TDI was the last PD engine left in the A3 range until it was replaced by the 1.6TDI CR in late 2009. I have the Sport version of the 1.9 as my company car - solid and reliable but, yes, not a lot of power when you need it - but great for fuel economy on my 650 mile a week commute :-(

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