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My A3 Project!! help, advice and your views please guys!

Geoff_gc Jan 19, 2010

  1. Geoff_gc

    Geoff_gc Geoff_gc

    Alright guys!

    im pretty new to the whole forum thing, dont know why ive been a petrol head all my life!!

    i kind of lost the bug for modding etc ... and wanted something standard! so bought myslef a nice 2.0 TDI DSG A3.

    im getting bored now and was thinking of making a few changes! i currently have it sat on a set of 18" black S3 alloys but kinda like the idea of the old RS8`s and doing a referb in black.

    also main thing for me is, its an 05 plate - pre-face lift model, i want the new wide mouth grille is this simple or possible to just swap it for a wide mouth or do i need to make any major changes to the front end?

    also looking at closing the gap on the wheels and dropping the car a possible 40mm any suggestions on springs poly bushes anti roll bars etc???

    sounds daft too?? but im having real problems with the bulbs and changing them! i want the very bright white/blue looking headlights any suggestions??

    plus side lights too? i changed these and got the warning light on the dash saying they bulbs had gone, even though they hadnt they just wouldnt stay on and the warning lights are showing!

    please HELLLPP! haha! cheers guys!
  2. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    Front end change requires - new slam panel, new bonnet, new front bumper (s-line or s3), grills and fogs. There are plenty of write ups on here on how to do it.

    Lowering - basic lowering you can do with eibach springs which seem to be the most popular. spend a little more and you can get h&r springs which IMO are the best. I had FK Silverline coilovers in my TDI and loved them!

    ARBs - go for H&R

    Have you access to vagcom? you might just need to clear the fault codes since you car was telling you there was a fault - do the lights still work?

    check out my old a3 (search for Boydie), N8's, NHN's for inspiration!
  3. crypric23

    crypric23 Never satisfied

    Hi and :sign_welcome: to the forum ,

    I do not want to sound harsh but every question has already been answered in major detail , including many step by step guides and pictures on the forum.

    Try the search button first and if you get stuck then i am sure that you will get the help you require.
  4. Boydie

    Boydie S3 8V DSG VCDS Map User

    The search seriously sucks at the minute!!

    If you have the twin grill front bumper consider:

    votex kit
    blackened out front grill with vinyl
    lamin-x front lights and fogs

    That will totally transform the front end of the car

    Votex side skirts

    S-line rear bumper

    Votex spoiler if you havent got one already
  5. Geoff_gc

    Geoff_gc Geoff_gc

    right ok!

    again mate! this is all new to me so i aint got a clue what this votex kit looks like! is it an off the market or a different version of a genuine audi front?

    i did reply touy first link and the guy being rather harsh haha (messing) but also im struggling a touch with this and replying to posts!?!?! it doesnt seem to be showing!

    please dnt judge me im a pretty intelligent guy but getting to grips with this forum has threw me a bit! cheers!
  6. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    like the sound of that mr boydie anyone got any pictures or links to what that would look like cant seem to find anything on the search:)

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