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My A3 needs to sound grreeaaaattt.....

Itchy_digits May 13, 2007

  1. Itchy_digits

    Itchy_digits New Member

    Basicly i used to be pretty into ICE a couple of years back and then completely ignored everything when i came to uni and now looking at whats available I'm a bit like......:confused: So If anyone could give me a hand that would be cool.

    I really don't have that much of an Idea with the standard configuration in an A3 but I'm pretty sure mine is front components and rear coaxils both running off the standard H/U.

    Is everything I say bellow possible? and any recomendations?
    Basicly I've got a jbl GTO 4 channel amp and an infinity boxed 12" which i will be taking out of my old fiesta and popping in. What I'm after is just a reasonable quality sound at not too much cost. I'm doing music technology at uni so it's pretty important to me.

    I'd like to get a new set of components for my front speakers and power them off the amp that I've got, along with my sub. And along with that I'm after a reasonably good headunit (possibly with USB??).

    As for the rear speakers, do u guys think it's necessary to upgrade these? I'm not too fussed bout the sound for passangers aslong as they can hear it and it sounds good to me sat in the front i don't mind.....

    Also got some sound deadening matt stuff left over from my old car that I'll pop in the boot and maybe otherplaces depending on how easy it is to get to.

    What are your views?

  2. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    the jbl amp should be fine for your purpose as should the infinity sub
    personally i wouldnt bother with rear speakers or i would leave in the standard units and fade them to rear if you have anyone in the rear of the car
    you dont say which model a3 you have there is a differance in speaker size between the older models and the newer

    if its a newer model id reccomend these http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/rainbow-slx265-deluxe-p-3852.html?cadid=c986e617469122364ef29711f6926a55
    or these

    if its a older model with smaller front speakers these

    or these
  3. Itchy_digits

    Itchy_digits New Member

    Hey cheers for that mate.

    It's a 99 A3 so the older of the two (how are they identified seperatly? It's my first audi, do they use mk1+mk2 etc?). So I'm in need of some 5.25" speakers then am I?

    Those speakers you linked to look pretty nice....can't remember how much power my amp is per channel but think it would match up fine with both those.

  4. Gti Jazz Blue

    Gti Jazz Blue Active Member VCDS Map User

    99 is a Mark 1 more commonly know as 8L platform (the Audi platform number).

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