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My A3 is very poorly

chill14 Jan 24, 2009

  1. chill14

    chill14 Newbie

    My A3 (2.0 Diesel 140) seems to have become very poorly.

    It had to go in to the dealer on Monday morning to have a starting problem looked at. It would occasionally crank and crank but not fire. Then it would either suddenly come to life, or you'd have to start it with the throttle wellied.

    It is the 3rd time in the last year that it has gone in and each time something else has been changed or done which the dealer thought would have cured it.
    Well this time they said that there was a Software update which my car needed and should cure the problem. It met the tick list of problems it was supposed to fix.

    They applied it and kept it overnight. It started fine for them Tuesday and so I collected it Tuesday afternoon. All seemed well, car was very keen to start and seemed to have more life to it.

    Wednesday morning was a different story. Came to it and it was back to it usual self. But this time no amount of cranking or attempts would start it.
    Dealer agreed to have to back striaght away but asked that I called Audi Assistance to do initial diagnostics.

    Audi assistance came (an actually Audi tech not RAC) and spent 30 mins do all sorts of diagnosis to it and could not find anything showing, but it flatly refuses to start.
    Anyway he towed it off dealer.


    So far the car has had:
    • new cylinder head
    • new egr valve
    • new ECU software update
    • Fuel pump checked
    • All starting electrics checked(Fuses, relays etc)
    I wonder what they will find it is this time... Although when I went to dealer to collect my stuff from it today, it hasn't seen the workshop yet (too busy). It has quite clearly been abandoned in the parking space it is in too. Its nose is in the hedge that separated the parking spaces.

    Thank god Audi Assistance supplied me with another car (58 plate A4 1.8T until it is fixed, (at Audi's expense).
  2. Biggie A3

    Biggie A3 New Member

    Seems like unless you are a fleet user they are not interested.. very disappointing from a 'quality' car retailer.. My car does the same. I have big issues with the customer care from Audi.. I have the money to buy a new car, but it won't be going to them..! In my opinion, although not a premium car brand, retailers like Kia, Mazda etc, actually seem to have an interest in their customers, not just the commission they are earning from selling you a new car. Sorry to agree with Clarkson, but they really do seem to be the new BMW.. noses in the air and no interest unless they can make money from you.. Shame.. but hey, they will get a smack down soon enough...!
  3. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    This must be costing a fortune! Have you got warranty cover?

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