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My A3 experience so far...

Chris128 Jan 7, 2010

  1. Chris128

    Chris128 Member

    OK I've got a meeting with one of the directors/owners this Saturday so will see what happens there...
    Spoke to Consumer Direct and they gave me some good information about the Supply of Goods & Services Act stating that repairs must be carried out with reasonable skill and care - I think not being able to pump tyres up correctly or fix the under belly back on to the car properly would demonstrate a lack of reasonable skill and care so perhaps I can get somewhere with that.
  2. Chris128

    Chris128 Member

    Well I went and met this director/owner today... and got a full refund! :) he was very apologetic and understanding, he was appalled at the way the branch I bought the car from had treat me and has shut down that branch now and got rid of the guy that I was dealing with. They have let me keep the car for another week so that I can buy another car as well, so all I've got to do is ring them up during the week and give them my debit card details and they will put all of the money back into my account. Result!
  3. Navisace

    Navisace Member

    just read your thread and i'm glad you are getting a refund....

    good on you mate
  4. Chris128

    Chris128 Member

    Thanks, so am I! :)
  5. waqi

    waqi Member

    Well done mate, very happy for your result!
  6. One Spoke

    One Spoke Member

    Hurrah! Thank God for that. A painful experience you had to endure there, but a happy ending at least.
  7. Chris128

    Chris128 Member

    haha yeah :) I'm just hoping the next car I buy doesnt have a similar amount of problems!
  8. matt_white88

    matt_white88 Member

    Well done fella glad your persistance paid off
  9. crypric23

    crypric23 Never satisfied

    Congrats , was worth the push in the end.

    Always worth a name and a shame on a forum and letting them know people are talking about them, not really good for their business.

    It was the only way this thread could end for them if you think about it.

    As probably more people will find this thread with the dealers name on it if they are thinking of buying from them , than their web site !

    Thread Views: 1,218 and just until today !

    I am sure that is a lot more hits than their web site.
  10. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    good for you but will you buy another audi
  11. beanoir

    beanoir Large Member

    Good work Chris! Been watching this thread and was always hoping justice would prevail, and by the looks of things it has.

    I assume you'll be staying with the Audi brand and this episode hasn't put you off of the cars?
  12. tutti frutti

    tutti frutti New Member

    Hi, I'm a new member, just bought an A3 2.0TDi Sport. Had to reply to this thread - since I'm in Sheffield I was going to volunteer my assistance, sadly based on the worst experience of my life! I bought a Mazda MX6 from CD Bramall in Sheffield ten years ago, paying top dollar for it. They gave me a 30 day refund or exchange, 3 year extended warranty (the car was just 3 years old at time of purchase) and assured me they'd done an HPI check. I lived in London at the time. To cut a long story short, after 3 Mazda dealers in Herts, Romford and Sheffield having the car in, clocking up 1200 miles using my fuel - they all said it was fine. It wasn't. It should have been an insurance write off - previous owner had bodge repair done, then TOOK OUT FINANCE to fund their new Audi TT against my VRM. Thanks guys. Took me almost 3 years, enlisting the help of a solicitor for the last 4 months to help with court paperwork. CD Bramall were the 4th largest UK retailer at the time and everybody including legals told me I'd got no chance of winning.

    But I did! And got a full refund and damages etc. Set a precident in UK law journals. I just ended up broke as I had to store the car (evidence) and buy another one to get to work. The wombles that sold the car to me had to give evidence at the trial, in the witness box one admitted 'I don't know anything about cars, I just sell them' and in his opinion (worth jack ****) the car wasn't at fault - I was, because I had the seat in the wrong position and basically I was female! I involved Mazda UK and Mazda Japan. Both were a total loss. Neither had any responsibility over dealers in UK. Looking back I can't believe the **** they all put me through, but if my horrific experience helps anybody in a similar situation I'd be happy to help - albeit with different tactics!
  13. A3Bash

    A3Bash Member

    Well done mate, I can imagine how annoying it can be as I had a smilar problem! It's always gonna be hard finding a car without a dark history but glad you got it sorted.

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