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My 2011 A5 Black Editiion in Black paint probs

ducks1978 Jun 9, 2011

  1. ducks1978

    ducks1978 Member

    Hi guys,

    I know a few of you have bought the A5 black edition black and might have the same problem.

    Everytime I take it to a car wash (manual) it leaves with scratches all over it! Some are really bad.

    Bird droppings (half a day) and the paint is now stained!

    Took it to my local sprayer who does detailing and got told the paint seems too thin and is scratching way to easily.

    I took it to my dealer and he said the car wash must have grit in the sponge or cloths that why it is scratching. My argument is the car washes I use wash black taxis and cars day in day out so other people must have the same problem!

    Any one else have any issues
  2. Farhan

    Farhan Active Member

    Interesting this, hand car washes are avoid like the plague situations they do cause scratches as its just wash and swirl! My take on this is your paint is still soft being a new car and it is more prone to scratching.

    I would try for the first few months washing the vehicle yourself using safer practices and see if that helps.

    Foaming - Will allow grit/dirt to naturally fall of the vehicle
    2 Bucket wash method will help keep the mitt clean and again reduce any chance of dirt being rubbed around causing scratches.
  3. ducks1978

    ducks1978 Member

    Gonna have to wash it my self I think, the car washes I use are very good and do detailing. Normally use the body shop to do the proper detailing wash n wax. Even trying to get the bird **** of the car (the stain) has ended up putting a few scratches in the paintwork!

    Il see what the dealers workshop says when I see them tomorrow. My dad and Sister have an A8 and A4 in black also and they are pristine and older than the A5 and they wash it in the same way
  4. iwBen

    iwBen Be Gentle VCDS Map User

    Can't be absolutely sure but I did think I noticed some odd swirls when buffing in an extra layer of polish the other day. Will take a look tomorrow and yet you know as this is something I'd be particularly concerned about too. Have you got Brilliant Black or Phantom Black paintwork?

    I haven't taken any risks with bird ****, my car sleeps under a cover every night... or in the garage when I can squeeze it in! That is to say, I've never had a dropping on there for more than an hour or two.
  5. ducks1978

    ducks1978 Member

    Its Brilliant black I have matey, went to the dealers this morning. They got a painter to check the paint and he said it is not soft. He said its not the car wash and said its 'just scratched' then the bird droppings he dismissed, the swirls around were blamed on the body repair company that I use, saying they did that cos they did not take care!

    So I said Il trade the car in and see you later and then they said please dont do that and you need to get in touch with the garage and they will get your car inspected. I was annoyed as all the money I spent on the car could be lost in scratches and now im scared to wash the car!

    If I get no joy Im ringing Audi UK instead and having a go at them. It just should not happen to that extent
  6. PilotAudi

    PilotAudi New Member


    I expect you have Brilliant Black mate, the Phantom Black Pearlescent are way better.
  7. splatty

    splatty New Member

    I have a white A4 S-Line at the moment and the first time I gave it a really good clean I noticed "marks" all over the car. Would not cut or polish out. Got a mate who works in the bodyshop at Aston Martin to look at it and he said it was marks in the lacquer from the protective film and possibly where it was leaned up when the lacquer was not fully hard.

    I had the marks mopped out by our in-house valet team at work.

    Didn't bother asking Audi TBH.
  8. ducks1978

    ducks1978 Member

    Thanks to Glen, I started washing the car my self and it was okay but still scratching lightly and not as bad

    But the issue still remains that the car of this quality should not be doing this

    At the moment Im complaining to Audi UK who at one point described the paint fault as a feature of the paint!!! Yeah rite.

    I think its going in for an inspection next week. If no joy might part ex it for something else other than Audi as I aint happy with the paintwork.

    Anyone with black editions or paintwork issues having similar problems???
  9. marcusgrant

    marcusgrant New Member

    im presumming these marks are swirl marks? as the paint is fairly new its easier to put swirl marks into paint.

    My advice if its bad enough would be to take the car to a professional detailer and get the whole car machine polished and a couple of layers of wax on it.

    Wash it yourself using the two bucket method and lambs wool glove. NOT A SPONGE, these just drag grit around the paint.

    take real care when cleaning and ensure that all gloves and cloths are clean when they touch the car.

    Audi can get out of this so easy by saying that you're not washing it correctly and have caused the swirls.

    with regards to bird poo, just get it off as soon as you can! if it hasnt eaten the paint too much a machine should get it out.

    joys of newish paint
  10. spartacus_33

    spartacus_33 New Member

    Ditto the "2 bucket method. I'd also advise washing/drying "up and down" motions on the sides... and "front to back" motions on the hood, roof and trunk. This really helps reduce the swirls.
  11. gradwells

    gradwells Member

    Sorry to say but any solid black car shows up swirls in the paint and its impossible to keep it looking clean , if you must have a dark colour then go for a metallic which disguises the problems . A good detailer cam machine out the scratches and then seal it with good wax .
    Have a look on A world for detailers... for tips . Hope you get it sorted .

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