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My 1966 Beetle - N VW - 66B

XXX_18T Jan 16, 2003

  1. XXX_18T

    XXX_18T Member

    Just thought i'd write something differnt for a change. Bought it cheap for $800 AUD and it has a new coat of paint, new bumpers, and reco 1300 engine.

    All it needs is some restoration on the interior but thats it. By the time im finished its going to look like this except mine is a teal colour (bluey green)


    Anyone else here with an old VW?

    Also will post pics asap (within 2 weeks when its finished /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif)
  2. rgonzales03

    rgonzales03 New Member

    i have a 68 type1. you can see it at community.webshots.com/user/rgonzales03

    nice car

  3. Carps

    Carps New Member

    I have a totally original Swedish '55 with 54k km.
    And a UK '62 with 105k miles.

    In the past I have had:
    '65 which I resto-caled which won best in class at VW
    Action '90 and featured in Volksworld
    '65 which I resto-caled
    '65 SplitScreen Van
    '67 Splitscreen CrewCab
    '62 Ragtop which I rebuilt from scratch
    c/w 180BHP 48IDA 2.0l motor, porcshe 356 brakes
    porsche Fuchs alloys and featured in SuperVWs and
    '62 Splitscreen CrewCab which featured in Volksworld and
    a couple of VW books
    '57 Oval from New Zealand which was resto which featured
    in Volksworld and The Vintage VW Club book.

    I have also built a '72 cal look for a friend, which got best in class at Bug Jam '93 and featured in Custom Car magazine.

    Problem at the moment is I moved house and don't currently have room to work on them /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cry.gif Hence the Audi and NBC, which kind of make up for it /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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