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My 1.8t on standard suspension???

jimbob79 Jun 19, 2014

  1. jimbob79

    jimbob79 Member

    Hi folks,

    this is is my 1.8t b6, absolutely love it, brought from an audi-sport member a few months ago. Would u guys say its on standard suspension? It looks like it could be on perhaps 30 or 40mm drop springs to me?? Having looked at some standard 1.8t and dervs mine looks slightly lower, or maybe it's just the 18's?

    I've been reading into this B5 perches thing which I'm seriously considering going down. Front needs to be a little closer to the Tarmac in my opinion..

    any suggestions welcome. :)


    http://s811.photobucket.com/user/jimbob79_2009/media/Mobile Uploads/image.jpg.html][​IMG][/URL]
  2. I would say its lowered and looking at how level it is i would say its on b5 perches also, standard tends to be a little higher at the front...
  3. Mike.M

    Mike.M Well-Known Member

    Is it an SE or Sport:

    With my sport I could get one finger in the rear arch gap and three on the front......with B5 perches on the front, I now have a matching one finger gap like the rear.
  4. jimbob79

    jimbob79 Member

    Thanks fellas,

    The car is the sport 190 Mike. Don't suppose you have any pics of urs with the perches? Mine does appear to be slightly higher at the front which is what I'd like to sort out.. 👍

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