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multitronic problem setting off

leigh a6 Aug 9, 2009

  1. leigh a6

    leigh a6 New Member

    hi all, my mate has just bought an audi a6 2.5tdi multitronic 2003. there seems to be a delay in selecting gear when setting off but its fine when your on the move and selects gears as normal its just when you set off from a stand still it seems to be a pause and doesnt select gear until around 1.5 revs and then it causes a jerk as you pull off.
  2. red-line

    red-line New Member

    Hi this sounds like your mate may have a problem with the valve body on his multi-tronic gearbox what sort of mileage has the car done? has it ever had the gearbox oil changed? You could also suggest he takes the car to his local audi centre to be diagnosed correctly there are several MVBs that can be read to give better diagnosis good luck.

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