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Multitronic - Lets hear the "I've had no issues with mine" reports....

richard300 May 21, 2013

  1. richard300

    richard300 New Member

    There must be people who have had their cars and enjoyed them with no transmission issues? Does it mostly affect the (bigger torque) Diesels?

    I know there are lots and lots of stories and people warning about the doom and gloom of the Multitronic - But i love mine, and my brother who is an Audi Service Manager informs me that so long as they have the fluids done at 40k and that i checked/felt/listened for certain things when i test drove/inspected my car - i should be fine.

    He mentioned that YES from time to time they may get a multitronic car with an issue, but they have many, many that dont have issues.
    And when he was the Service manager at a big, busy independent garage he would see just as many gearbox issues with Auto/steptronic gearboxes on BMW E36/46/39 cars and Mercedes C/E/CLK etc.

    I love the way mine wafts through the gears in D/S when i want it to and how i can sit in traffic like a full auto but then offers rapid fire up and down shifts when i want to drive a little more spirited.
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  2. Cabbyfan

    Cabbyfan Active Member

    My last Audi was a 2.0 with multitronic and I had no problems with it apart from the rather expensive oil change at one point. Liked driving it too, like a big go- cart lol . Sold it and bought a 2.4 v6 petrol manual cabriolet mind.
  3. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    I too love mine but have only owned the car for two months lol. What I do know is that my car had a brand new gearbox and two gearbox ecu's before my ownership, so fingers crossed I won't have any issues with it. It's the nicest auto I've driven, just wish it had paddles on the wheel to control it in manual mode.
  4. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    i fear this may be a very short thread due to lack of info on people without probs
  5. madmike01uk

    madmike01uk Member

    I haven't seen many for sale on evilbay as spares or repair due to gearbox failure, seen lots of French cars though. I'm not saying they are overly reliable, just need to make sure it's had the uprated clutches, and oil changes at 40k. It's a shame they aren't bulletproof as they are a great box.
  6. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    My wife has a 2.0 multitronic avant and the gearbox is the best auto box I've ever driven for smoothness and cleverness (is that a word?) it's a very intelligent box with how it constantly changes the ratios to suit road conditions and throttle position etc. But, sometimes, if not driven gently on pull away it can be a right pain as it has a tendency to not engage the clutch or gear properly and slightly rev before slamming into gear and jerking forward pretty violently, but if you give it a chance at junctions by releasing the foot brake and waiting a second or two before gently giving it some gas then it pulls away lovely and smoothly.

    I've had it plugged into vcds and it showed no errors with the transmission, so myself and the wife have just adapted our driving style to suit it and it works for us.

    Thats the only critism I've got, otherwise very very good gearbox imo.
  7. Furkz

    Furkz Active Member

    i Love mine too, the only thing is mine is more "cleverer" than me sometimes. Mines mapped too and its an effortless fast drive. hardly ever use S mode now, but mine is 7 speed which im not sure if its the rarer box or more common
  8. raysirx

    raysirx New Member

    My 2003 Cabriolet has 140,000 miles or 225,000 km with original CVT.

    I have had to replace the TCM (dealer warranty) @ 70,000 miles.

    I have made my own tool to change the fluid every 40,000 miles

    1.8T FWD
  9. Mav190sline

    Mav190sline Active Member

    By far the best auto gearbox invented. Had mine for 2 years now and I love how easy it is to drive. Especially with a little one trying to get my attention when driving. I must admit I did not fully research the multitronic box before I purchased the car and was horrified after purchase when I started reading the horror stories on it, but touch wood it has been as good as gold. Expensive fluid change as I entrust Audi to do it but otherwise very impressed with it.
    As I know through my work, you only tend to hear the negatives about something rather than the positives. People are quick to complain when something is bad, but not as quick to praise when something is good. Just my opinion mind

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