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Multiple Clip Merging

Discussion in 'In-Car Camera Technical' started by Cruiser89, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Nov 25, 2009
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    I guess quite a lot of you like to export your footage of your drives or long road trips.. The only problem is that the maximum size of file for any Blackvue is 3mins long.

    When it comes to editing you can sometimes notice a small judder when packing lots of clips together into one video. I get this sometimes when stringing together lots of clips when using Sony Vegas.

    Having looked around there is two players that will allow you to select multiple files for export which then stitches them together into one long recording.

    1. http://registratorviewer.narod.ru/index_en.html
    This piece of software is like a really cut down version of the Blackvue software but gives you that all important merging feature.

    2. http://mp4cam2avi.sourceforge.net/
    This is a more polished piece of software that gives you a few extra features!

    Well worth looking at the two pieces of software and see which one meets your needs the most!

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