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Multi tronic or S-tronic ???

clansman Oct 5, 2011

  1. clansman

    clansman New Member

    Been told by a friend that Audi has a version of the old Daf variomatic transmission ! Is that the "Mulit-tronic" ? for those that remember it was basically a belt drive set up forward to go forward and back to go back simple! but not very good!!! I have almost given up on finding an A4 Avant 2.0 TDi S-Line in a colour other than the "usual" black, silver etc but have possibly found one which is a 1.8 TFSi (160) auto with paddle shift ? I am thinking this is the S-Tronic gearbox...........right? If it is how does it rate with those that have it on their cars, I have been on Audi UK and been through the explanation of how it works and it reads great but in day to day use I have no idea. Can it handle more power as if this is the car then a re-map will be happening at some point..........

    Any advice/info guys as usual would be appreciated

    PS it has loads of goodies toooooooooo :hubbahubba: =

    Misano Red Metallic, Franchise Approved, Anti-Lock Brakes,Mobile Phone Preparation - Bluetooth,Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System,Satellite Navigation System Plus,Electronic Stability Programme,8.5Jx19in 7-Arm Double-Spoke Design Alloy Wheels,Climate Control,Paddle Shift,Power-Assisted Steering,Driver Information System,Audi Parking System Plus Inc Visual Display,Multi Function Steering Wheel,Front/Rear Electric Windows,Front/Rear Armrest,Automatic Headlight Elevation,Black Leather & Cloth Interior,Technology Pack,Electronically Adjustable And Heated Door Mirrors,Front Fog Lights,Steering Wheel Leather,Fully Body Coloured,Rake/Reach Adjustable Steering Column/Wheel,Seats Split Rear,Rear Wash Wipe,Sport Chassis.DAB Digital Radio Reception,Driver/Passenger Seat Height Adjustment,Seat - ISOFIX Anchorage Point,Gear Knob Leather,Xenon Headlights With LED Daytime Running Lights,Roof Rails,Pearl Effect Paint,Leather & Cloth interior.
  2. Soot1e

    Soot1e Active Member Team Navarra Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group

    If it is a 1.8 TFSI (160) with paddles then it will be a Multitronic gearbox. I have driven a few derivatives of the A4 range with Multi and S Tronic gearboxes and have found the Multi to be very flexible. You could compare it to the Daf system but with 40 years of progress. Fuel consumption with the multi is good and as it is fitted as standard to the 3.2FSI it should be able to take a remap.

    Assuming the car you are looking at is an S Line Avant with the spec listed above, so you have the Tech Pack, DAB, 19" wheels, B&O and paint as extras.
  3. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

    wot no folding mirrors???
  4. clansman

    clansman New Member

    Not sure if it had folding mirrors better as the person who bought it as I missed it ...........................................pi88ed off again another one slips through the finger...........dam

    Cheers Soot1e that info is very helpful did not know the multi is standard fit on the 3.2 FSI
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2011
  5. johnnythepie

    johnnythepie Well-Known Member

  6. OutLore

    OutLore VOIP Dude

    Having had both, S-Tronic is the better gearbox, I find the Multitronic quite "lazy", but then most auto boxes are compared to S-Tronic!
  7. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    I've never driven multitronic, but last year had a 2.0TDI Leon with S-Tronic and it was impressive. I am seriously thinking about it on my next purchase.
  8. RapidAssistant

    RapidAssistant Member

    I only found out that Audi were dropping multitronic for the 2015 MY


    Allegedly they say it is because they can now achieve better efficiency with the S-tronic/DSG gearbox instead - anyone willing to bet they were sick of the warranty claims on the multitronic given the mountain of horror stories that we read on here, and on other Audi forums??
  9. razza1

    razza1 Well-Known Member

    Stronics aren't much better, mech control units are a common replacement...just had mine replaced at a £3.3k cost...
    If buying again I'd get one with lots of Audi warranty on it, or go manual
  10. Raino

    Raino New Member

    If car is with quattro the gearbox is S tronic, front wheel drive - Multitronic.
    I like S tronic most.
    Both gearboxes have problems, the S tronic is more exepcive for rebilt.
  11. aprilia dude

    aprilia dude Active Member

    Imo the multitronic is very dull driving experience...it's like a Honda melody moped..! After owning a dsg then a multitronic and Iv now got an s tronic and it feels like I'm driving again ..!

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