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Multi car insurance

ToneDeaf Mar 9, 2006

  1. ToneDeaf

    ToneDeaf New Member

    Have been trying to get decent quotes for both an 03 S3 toy and a 98 Polo Diesel work horse for me to drive.

    Dont know if anyone knew but Admaril now do multi car insurance when you can use your no claims on upto 5 cars. Managed to get a quote of £553 which I thought was pretty good.
    I'm 33, both cars protected NC and fully comp. About time they realised you cant drive 2 cars at once. Think Bell Direct do a similar thing too. But their site dosent say this.
    Anyone know of anyone else doing similar schemes.?
  2. bell are part of admiral but thats all i know
  3. Mikebabs1

    Mikebabs1 Member

    Bell, Admiral and Elephant are all part of the same group (AISL). I'm pretty sure they all do it. I used to have both cars with Admiral, and took advantage of the no claims I'd built up on my 1st car when covering the second car.

    I've just renewed my A4 (other car's a Golf) with Privilege - very reasonable! Beat all the others I tried quite considerably. Once you've covered the second car for a year, you can take away no claims to any other insurer, which is great.


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