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MTX Thunder 9500 10".....As good as everyone says?

imported_tobycruse Jan 18, 2005

  1. Hi everyone,

    As some of you may know i have been in search of an amazing sub for my car. I looked into vibe, alpine, RE, JL audio and then one day i listened to a pair of mtx 4500 12" in a sledgehammer enclousure. For the money they sounded amazing!

    So anyway, i had a look at mtx's website and there they have, as some of you may have seen, a video of the mtx thunder 9500 against other subs like the kicker and a JL audio one. Check it out here: http://www.mtx.com/smoked/index.cfm

    The MTX sub walked all over them!

    The thunder 9500 isnt a cheap or powerless sub, its rated between 750 and 1000w rsm. And in the video it takes something like 142 volts, can anyone clarify what this means? Is it the peak voltage on the sine wave?

    Anywho, i have just bought one (£699!!!) and waiting for it to arrive! Just a couple of questions:

    1) What would be the perfect enclousure for it, sealed, ported or bandpass?
    2) Is this sub good? Has anyone heard a MTX 9500 10"?
    3) I am looking at an Alpine amp to run it, there big one, will this be ok? Any sugestions?

    Thank you for your time people!
  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Ummm not entirely sure what that's supposed to prove. So it's got a big fat voice coil, so what? Considering subs are designed to be in a balanced sealed or ported enclosure I don't see how running them in free air really proves anything, surely it's how they sound (i.e. how effectively they can move air around) not how much damage they can absorb. Each to their own I guess, but I would be very reluctant to spend that sort of money on just the sub without an idea of the enclosure I was going for, and hearing it in a similar model car. The enclosure is just as important as the speaker, if not more so. Unless you're going in for competition, I would say it was a tad overkill and will swamp anything approaching a balanced sound in your A3. But each to their own.....

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