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  1. dave_tfsi

    dave_tfsi Member

    Hi all i have owned my 56 plate a3 s line 2 tfsi for about 4 weeks now. I bought it because i thought it would be a tad more better on fuel then my previous Civic type r and lower insurance.

    Type R= 31 mpg
    A3 = 36 mpg

    How ever im only getting an average of 25mpg which is really getting on my nerves, and dont even reckon ill get 130 miles to the £30 of petrol, where as my civic would be around 180miles to £30 of petrol.

    Im driving like a nun and coasting whenever possible and i still have not seen 30mpg. I dont do much motor way driving but still i thought it would be an improvement to the Civic. Im already looking to swap it for another A3 TDI 170 or the volkswagon Golf TDI GT.

    Anybody else dissapointed with the MPG.
  2. RobinA3

    RobinA3 Well-Known Member

    i get around 26-28mpg on a normal run through town and main roads and then 32-34 on a nice motorway cruise.

    25mpg sounds right if you stay in towns alot.
  3. itssam

    itssam A3 3.2Q Sport

    i'm sorry but that makes me grin a little... i bought a 3.2 about a month back and getting ~25mpg out of it at the moment, very chuffed :D i drive a pretty much 50:50 of fast motorways/a-roads and crawling through London traffic (averaging ~28mph so far)

    I tend to crawl along in higher gears in the traffic as the car is pretty happy like that and gives decent mpg - 30 in 5th is fine :)

    Keeping it smooth is the main thing, and under the turbo zone ideally, have you got cruise?
  4. dave_tfsi

    dave_tfsi Member

    nope, no cruise control. Thing is i was expecting more from the car coming from a Type r. I would be expecting 25 in the 3.2 V6 or Impreza
  5. 10blazin


    i no they do swallow petrol its alot of doe i spent 50 quid last week alone on fuel gona get a remap soon ive been talking to the misses about it trying to persuade her lol
  6. PaulAr

    PaulAr S3 (8P)

    I always found my Type R was pretty economical for a 200ps hatch, although it was very tame, gutless even, unless you wrung its neck. Probably not the best benchmark when comparing heavier forced induction petrol cars.

    The 20TFSI A3 is a heavier, more torquey car and I would expect it to be more thirsty.

    I went from a Type R to a MK5Golf Gti (same 20TFSI as yours engine) and noticed an increase in fuel costs but nothing too significant.
    It was worth it though.

    If mpg is more important than performance, then I fear you may have the wrong car.

    If it was me I would just remap it, enjoy it, and worry about mpg another day.
    Fuel is cheap(ish) again so who cares, and the 200ps engines is truly transformed with a remap.

  7. woohoo

    woohoo Member

    average 48mpg out 1.9tdi sportback, 500mls + to a tank! its pretty slow though!
  8. PNH80

    PNH80 Low life livin' the high life.

    I actually try not to even look at my MPG to be honest! I went for the 2.0T quattro over the S3 for basic running costs at the time. If i was genuinely bothered about economy i wouldn't have gone for a 2.0T at all. They aren't exactly reknown for economy!
    In town traffic i would estimate 25-30 MPG which is what i'd expect.

    I recently went on a trip to Manchester with 2 mates in the car. I put in £40 which took the fuel gauge to the 3/4 mark. I did a 112 mile trip to manchester city centre and back (lots of open country roads & motorway) and it was still just slightly over the 1/2 mark. I didn't actually check the MPG but 112 miles on 1/4 of a tank is brilliant in my book considering the engine.
    In fact when i picked up the car originally i did a 240 mile trip on half a tank.

    So to summarise : The 2.0T lump is brilliant with regards to performance vs. economy as long as you don't spend most of your time in a town or city.
  9. biggiep

    biggiep Member

    I don't know if petrol engines are the same as Diesels in this respect but I do a very similar run most days and i have to say the temperature makes a huge difference! I'd say on average i'm 7+ mpg down when the temperature is below 4 degrees. In summer I averaged 52.9 on the DIS over a 1000 miles of driving and was a 50-50 split of motorway and town. So if its recent and petrols are the same in this way then it may be due to temperature aswell as because of in town.

    Also is it me or is everywhere just busier I mean at any time of the day I have to que now and never used to and queing really destroys mpg bring on stop start.
  10. markwiggy

    markwiggy Third Gear

    Is the car a quattro ? As this makes a big difference in comparason to a 2 wheel drive Type R

  11. dave_tfsi

    dave_tfsi Member

    car is only front wheel drive. I dont worry too much about mpg but buying a house this year thats why i sold the R to make room for a more refined car lol. Only thing is i cant do without performance.

    Whats the performance of a tuned 140 bhp a3 diesel like. and returns mpg whilst mapped.

    Managed 30 mpg for the slighest of seconds yesterday but that was in neutral down a hill then straight into 3rd then back to neutral lol.
  12. dmal

    dmal Member

    I get about 32-33 average in my S3 starting in london then on to a long motorway journey. In town I get 18-23.
  13. firebobby

    firebobby Member

    Well, just been on my first decent run since I got the car. Motorway 80%, dual carriageway 10% and a/b roads 10%. Cruise set at 70mph, (apart from the 50mph roadworks!!) the odd burst to 80/85, then the run of the mill speeds on the normal roads. Total miles, 153, mpg average.....35.2, very pleased with that, I used to get 62mpg in my astra (1.9 cdti boxed to 190/300) with the cruise set at 60mph on the same run, so I would guess another 2-3 mpg at the same speed. Can't grumble at that.....well I'm not anyway...
  14. gavsteryoung

    gavsteryoung Member

    I did some similar testing when I had my cruise fitted.... this was all motorway speeds, over 10 mile sections I tested the MPG (this was from the DIS so could be very inacurate) at the following speeds witht he following results...

    80mph = 34.5mpg
    70mph = 39.2mpg
    60mph = 45.3mpg
    56mph = Found I could not drive that slow so didnt bother

    Going to work each day which is a 12mile A road jaunt I get about 27 on average, but often that car is not even warmed up by the time I arrive..

    Its at least better than the 20mpg I was getting from my S4 ;-)
  15. firebobby

    firebobby Member

    Yeah I know what you mean! My Evo V would be lucky to get 20-22mpg on the same run only a 5 speed box...70mph was about 3500rpm!!! Evo VIII was better....6 speed, well in comparison I'd get about 22-25mpg...hehehe!! The joys of quick cars eh?

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