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mpg? wat ya getting A4 TDI 130 AWX

vw754 Jan 17, 2007

  1. vw754

    vw754 vorsprung Durch Technik

    filled uive drove only 11.6 miles and now the center display is showing 535 miles (left in the tank) any idea's?

    Also i got 148.5 miles on 23 quid is this right A4 tdi 130 bhp awx enginep my a4 tdi(with diesel of course) full tank.
    Center display shows 590 miles,.
  2. K7ERG

    K7ERG Member

    Filled up today and my display said 660miles. £61 to fill it....

    I would have thought you would get more miles to £23???
  3. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Moderator

    The display works out how far you can go based on the way you've driven the last 30km or so (check the handbook). Therefore the distance /range will vary if you are changing between caning it/ coasting or stuck in traffic. The average mpg figure on some DIS displays is not always accurate, mine generally shows around 1.5mpg less than working it out by hand. To work it out by hand brim the tank , drive , brim it again. Miles driven x 4.55 /no of litres = mpg. On my old 98 Passat 110hp TDi, my 97 A4Tdi and my 51 A6 all have a small button inside the neck of the filler tube that is released by the cap to give expansion space. If you are going on a long run wedge the button open when filling up and you'll get another 7-8 litres in. Worth 70 -80 miles between fill ups. Most VAG cars have 9 litres/ 2 gallons left when the fuel light comes on. This will probably carry you past the point where the DIS says 0 miles left. I've managed 25 miles in the Passat after all the indicators said empty, but i had a can in the boot just in case.

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