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MPG reading going above 110!!

i_storm2k Nov 17, 2006

  1. i_storm2k

    i_storm2k New Member

    Hi guys,

    Just notice whilst driving to work this morning that the MPG reading kepted jumping up and down, ranging from 20s - 120!! Sometimes the reading goes blank and displays --- (3 lines). And this is happening at whatever speed I'm travelling at. Never really looked at the MPG reading before as I have the display on fuel remaining. Can this be the reason why my warning lamp came on for the engine management?! Anyone any idea the cost to sort this out, so i have a rough idea what has to be done. CHeers!
  2. S3tony

    S3tony Member

    no your looking at the instantanious (sp?) mpg figure which is quite normal, if you take your foot off the accelerator then your engine uses no fuel so it only goes upto 200 before it says ---

    QUATTRO_REP Diesel Power!

    yeah they all do that, ur looking at the live mpg. change as u drive. u can use the switches on the end of the wipers stalk to flick thro to the one with the little 0 next the the figure, thats the average one.
  4. cha1n

    cha1n Member

    All you've done is put the MPG display on so that it is displaying what mpg you are getting in real time. If you search through the options via the button on the RHS stalk you will find a mpg reading which also has a symbol which is a circle with a line through it, this is your *average* mpg reading which most people leave it on.

    What your car is displaying is perfectly normal, if the changing mpg annoys you just leave it on the average mpg (like i do).

    Did any particular symbol get displayed when the engine light came on?


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