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mpg on a 3.2

Steve-L Sep 4, 2006

  1. Steve-L

    Steve-L Member

    Just wondering what mpg fellow 3.2 owners are getting ?

    I've had my car for just under 2 months and I am getting 22.3 mpg and most of my driving is in and around London.
  2. mebrown001

    mebrown001 Member

    straight run into work (6-7miles) i can get average for trip of 27. Just around town then 20, overall average 24.5 so far over the last 500 miles
  3. daveflynn

    daveflynn Member

    usual late to work run 12

    driving miss daisy to work run 28

    lowest ever seen on DIS 6 (not the average!)
  4. steeve

    steeve Well-Known Member TeamMisano Team Ibis Audi S3

    Usual on a tank full around 24 to 26, but I did tray and see what the best mileage on a tank full was. Driving like an old old man I managed just over 35. Thats on a 9 mile each way to work journey on very quiet country lanes. So I didnt hold any one up, there's hardly any one around when I go to work. Hardly fun though.
  5. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    in past five months mine's showing to have averaged 22.2 on the second trip on the DIS,

    daily driving is 19 miles to and from work, which is typically 19mpg and takes 20 minutes one way, and 23mpg and 45mins the other

    weekends it rarely betters 20mpg, most tankfulls going in less than 200 miles!!
  6. Skittler

    Skittler Redlined

    Overall, about 24.5.
    Can get 28ish by driving everywhere in D mode and hardly touching the throttle pedal, but it's not much fun.
    On a motorway doing 70 in 6th then I think it averages at almost 30 - I don't often do 70 though :)
    It's equally easy to drive quickly (and/or in S mode) and end up below 20 mpg.
  7. A11 EAF

    A11 EAF Member

    :uhm: If you are worrying about mpg maybe the 3.2 aint for you?
  8. Steve-L

    Steve-L Member

    I do not think anyone is worrying about it, just curious to know what mpg people are getting.

    As you said you do not buy a 3.2 if high MPG is a big factor in your decision making.
  9. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    Too right Steve-L,

    I swapped cars for the day with my wife today, can't put the dog in hers!! and hearing the 3.2 pull away this morning from the end of our road really made up for how much fuel I'll have to put in to replace what it uses today,

    and she's just phoned to say she's been pulled over in a spot check, luckily for the tints and vehicle check not the speed she had been doing up to the previous roundabout...
  10. S_Line

    S_Line Member

    20% tints didnt provide any problems on my WR1, i had 20% all round.
    YOu should be fine :)

    As for MPG, i dont use the car much, last time i used it was to go to Manchester and Back.

    It used nearly a full tank there and then 3/4 of a tank back.

    Norwich to Manchester 235 miles, so not bad at all.

    So roughly 260 Miles to a tank on FAST motorway driving.
  11. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Have to say that for such a large capacity engine, I think it's impressive 3.2 owners are getting MPG in the mid to late twenties. Shows how fuelling technology has improved over the years.
  12. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    "20% tints didnt provide any problems on my WR1, i had 20% all round.
    YOu should be fine "

    yeah there was no problem, the vehicle inspector said he didn't see why the officer had pulled her in. my rear sunshade is almost permanently up, so from the front the car does look a bit dark.

    Wife thinks the plod was jealous, I think he'd probably heard her coming!, I don't mind but she does enjoy driving it pretty hard most of the time

    out of interest I reckon the last three tanks of V-Power have made a small difference to avg mpg, I'm UP!! a whole 0.1 to 22.3, it had been going down from 27.6!! when I bought it to 22.2 until about 10 days ago.
  13. rowansbank

    rowansbank Member

    We have had the 3.2 DSG a couple of weeks now. Mainly used by the missus for 9 mile commute - country lanes, A road & town - she loves it! Not much chance to use the power so averaging about 28mpg (according to DIS). I had a short run to nearest town today and could quite see how using S mode & enjoying yourself would easily halve that sort of figure!:racer:
    2005 A3 Sport 3.2 DSG S-line Lava Grey
  14. Xedos

    Xedos Member

    I had similar thoughts when looking for a new A3. Absolutely the 3.2 sounds better but the extra price, weight, and nearly half the mpg of the 2l T and no faster went with that instead. Can get nearly 40mpg some runs. Average is 35 ,and thats quattro.

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