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MPG from diesel models?

kevingallimore May 15, 2008

  1. kevingallimore

    kevingallimore New Member

    I was looking at the A8's but was concerned about fuel consumption. In practice what are you out there with diesel models getting to the gallon?
  2. Dilligaf10

    Dilligaf10 Autopilot

    I run a 3.0Tdi and on a run to Heathrow and back, a distance of about 200 miles I average 41.7 with the air con off. Air con on and it drops to 39.6. Total average mpg in 12k miles is 35.8.

    It gets a bit of abuse occasionally as well. At least half the time it has 3 or 4 people plus luggage as well.

    Thinking of getting it Superchipped to help the economy a bit more.
  3. beemerboy9

    beemerboy9 Active Member

    There is no denying these are big heavy cars. Even more so than much lighter diesels, they give of their best on long steady runs. Mooching around town in one will surely give disappointing mpg.
    I live 5 miles from the M25 and never do journeys of less than 30 miles in it, so I find the consumption reasonable.

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