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  1. clarky87xx

    clarky87xx New Member

    A week or so ago I fitted DIS stalk, the MPG is 53.8 fluctuates around that but seems a little high to me don't think it is doing that. First does this seem right and is there a way to recalibrate it. It's an audi a4 b7 2.0tdi.
  2. A4Ade

    A4Ade Active Member

    Only way to check if it's right is to put in a couple of full tanks, check the mileage you get each time, and calculate the MPG. If it does appear to be consistently out then yes, it can be recalibrated using VCDS in Instruments>Adaptation (Channel 3 IIRC).
  3. Paul B7

    Paul B7 Active Member

    The general concensus of opinion of those that have actually measured the amount of fuel used and then compared it with the DIS is that the DIS reads high by circa 10%.
    My 140 2.0tdi regularly reads circa 55mg on the DIS but in reality it returns between 45 - 50 mpg on a run.

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