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mp3 player fitting

tanand Dec 19, 2003

  1. tanand

    tanand New Member

    I could do with some advice on replacing the standard Concert II RDS with an alternative mp3 capable unit.

    The things that are bugging me are the fact my Audi manual says I have 10 speakers?, and also I found a rear shelf mounted sub-woofer!!

    I do want to change the head unit so does this mean I have to get a new head unit that can drive 10 speakers including a sub-woofer?

    I kind of like the Blaupunkt Woodstock DAB 53, mainly due to the facia design and colours, plus the fact you get to use SD memory cards.

    By the way this is all going in a 2003 2.5 V6 TDi Sport Quattro called Maureen.
  2. Banwell

    Banwell previously LeeS3


    The Ipod looks good, agreed. But a quality item?

    I have both an 3rd gen ipod and a phatbox car mp3. And in my opinion the phatbox is the only serious car mp3 unit - 60gbs anyone & compatible with audi player & HUD display??

    Ipod takes at least 1 or 2 seconds to find a new track, not so with phatbox.

    Plus I've heard many dissenting reports about the ipod and radio tuned car reception.

    Also, lets not be bad mouthing anything that comes out of Taiwan eh? Or haven't you read the sites terms and conditions on racist remarks??

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