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moving from concert I to concert II should it be a straight swap?

TonyT Dec 7, 2007

  1. TonyT

    TonyT Finally got my A6

    The reason I ask:-

    had taken out the original concert tape player and fitted an aftermarket nakamichi unit, but it only lit amber or green.... I wanted red.

    got the chance of a concert II cd player from a TT (02) on the underside it says C5/TT so I was sure it would work in my 01 A6 (C5)

    fired it in and sure it works but it doesn't illuminate the buttons, not very good at night.

    I decided to dig out my old concert unit and it looks like there are a few pin out changes (oops should have looked first)

    the illumination pin on my C I doesn't exist on the C II.

    Anyone got a pin out diagram for a 2002 TT? or would know what has changed
    from the top of my concert 1

    iso pinout
    1234 [lug]

    1 earth
    2 illumination
    3 s-kont.
    4 mute
    5 +
    6 switched +
    7 k-bus
    8 GA

    from the top of my concert 2
    iso pinout

    1 earth
    2 no description or pin
    3 no description or pin
    4 DWA-GND
    5 +
    6 no description BUT has pin
    7 k-bus
    8 BOSE

    does that make any sense

    Also any idea what the extra aerial on the back FAKRA style thingy

    Hope someone can help


    2001 A6 Avant

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