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Moving from a TT to A5.....Possibly...

a3_dan Apr 9, 2012

  1. a3_dan

    a3_dan Member

    Hi all,

    I currently own a TT (2 litre Turbo) and love it to bits, but now im bored (after only owning it 12 months) and im starting to edge towards getting a new A5, The 2 litre turbo engine quattro again. Anyone have views on this engine with this size car? Is it enough? Im thinking of going for the black edition in glacier White and the s tronic box, is this a good choice?

    Anyone else gone from a TT to an A5?

  2. S5Gordo

    S5Gordo New Member


    Not driven A5 2.0T, but have nothing but good things to say about the s-tronic box… it's fantastic!! Got one in my S5, and in all modes (D,S&M) it just works! Actually prefer it to the manual of my wife's TT!!! (and have been against auto boxes til now!!!)

    Comparing of my S5 (sportback) vs my wife's 3.2TT mk II… very different in terms of size, but both feel equally planted on the twisty stuff, and the S5 doesn't feel as big and heavy to drive as it should.

    Glacier white is an awesome colour for the 5, especially in Black edition - the titanium wheels and black grille look awesome with white! I went phantom for mine - very different with chrome brightwork, but more me!!

    Sorry that's all very wishy-washy & subjective… and maybe a bit irrelevant to your question!!!

    Hope you decide well!!!

  3. markextts

    markextts New Member

    Hi Dan,

    Just moved from a TTS to and A5 Coupe Black Edition, do miss some of the TTS but the A5 is a more refined ride for me, into my 2nd week of ownership and almost a thousand miles and I am liking the car. Probably get a remap done if I can decide who to do it, seems a lot of mixed views about.

    Hope you find the right one for you


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