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MOVE TO B6 Please Help with poor idle, smell of petrol and occasional hard starter.

j3aay Feb 13, 2011

  1. j3aay

    j3aay New Member

    Hi guys,

    I bought the car (52 plate A4 avant 2.0 FSI Sport) a month ago. When i got it home i found that sometimes it would idle lumpy and fairly low RPM (around 750-800rpm). It has a slight missfire i think but never stalls. The car pulls well and gives ok MPG (its my first petrol in a while so arnt too sure though, i get approx 45miles to 10quid).

    It used to occasionally be hard to start...needed some accelerator to get it to go, when it did there was not a problem just sometimes a little lumpy.

    I checked all the hoses i can find, but found no faults.

    I replaced a coil pack and it seemed maybe a touch better. I tried it in each cylinder and it didnt make any noticeable difference (so i could have more than one gone?). Two have been replaced, one by me the other 2months ago by the last owner.

    It has had a new MAF, NOX sensor, throttle body and throttle sensor within the last year. It also has FSH and is not due one for a while. Its on 87k.

    Anyway, it did seem a tad better but then the other day it needed a touch of accelerator pumping to start and it was pretty lumpy. I have noticed that it does also smell of fuel under the bonnet when i pull up on the drive.

    I think the smell of fuel is coming from the area underneath where the air intake pipe meets the MAF (or is it the throttle body?!).

    Any ideas what this could be? Maybe an injector?

    Any comments are appreciated as i cant afford to get it to a garage at present (i can use my work van if i need to keep it off the road)

    Thanks guys,

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2011
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    could be a leaky injector
    id get a scan for faults
  3. kite

    kite Member VCDS Map User

    and a '52 will be a B6 model.....
  4. j3aay

    j3aay New Member

    oops, wrong section.


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