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Motorola tk30 to RNS-E

tristan82 Apr 17, 2013

  1. tristan82

    tristan82 Guest

    Just a question about connecting Motorola tk30 bluetooth to rns-e. I have a retrofit rns-e in my audi a3 2006 which i fitted a iso to quadlock adaptor. I know that the Motorola tk30 comes with iso connection adaptor and was wondering if could use this as originally the car has iso connections. So I would plug motorola iso into car iso, then to quadlock adaptor would this work. I really only want the bluetooth kit for bluetooth phone calls through car speakers and power to come on with rns-e. I am not bothered about streaming music as happy with sd cards on rns-e. also I will be getting a proper bluetooth module for my rns-e but want to use this in the mean time. Any help,would be appreciated. It is non Bose system.
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