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Motor vehicle college assignment.

Fahim Sep 24, 2010

  1. Fahim

    Fahim Member

    At college i am currently on my level three motor vehicle engineering course, and this year i have my last assignment which is to work on either a college vehicle or my own, and change something on the vehicle.

    The coursework side of it i will breeze through however i need ideas on what to do for the actual assignment. I would prefer to work on my own vehicle as i will not recieve college funding towards my project and thus dont want to waste it on a car i wont be driving!

    The modification must be something that is in most peoples eyes ''a big mod''. As an example, if i was to do my assignment on BRAKES it can not just be DISKS and PADS. More changing brake line hoses, entirely different calipers and disks and pads, bigger brake master cylinder etc.

    The easiest i can think of is doing the exhaust, most expensive being probably brakes or suspension.

    I have £1,000 to spend at the most.

    My questions are:

    1. Are Milltek the only company to do an exhaust for the 2.0 tdi a4 avants?
    2. Would a company like powerflow make custom exhausts for a oil burner?
    3. How much is a rough price to pay for an exhaust? I was thinking in the region of £700 (full cat back system)
    4. If you were to do an assignment, what would you choose?(in terms of being relatively easy and cheap)
    5. How much does a full suspension system (coilovers) cost on the A4 Avant? including any other parts that would need to be replaced?
    6. Not related to my course: My car has done 143,000 miles on the clock :) ----What parts of the engine should i strip down and clean? What products would i use to clean them?

    I know thats a LOT of questions, but even if you are answering one out of the 6, then that would be appreciated!



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