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Mot Emissions

a4sline190 Nov 3, 2006

  1. a4sline190

    a4sline190 Member

    First mot is due next year on my car 1.8T Sline, car has been Revo'd, will this effect the emissions for the test?

    I have contacted Revo who advised to switch back to stock setting (I have SPS 2) for the test, thought that was a bit strange as car has always been run on V Power (Optimax) since I got it and thought it would burn cleaner with this fuel and Revo, anybody got any thoughts/experience on this?

  2. A4Andy

    A4Andy Quattro-tastic. Not half.

    Pretty sure you'll be fine. I don't think those dustbin sized tail pipes will effect it either. :jester:

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