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MOT Advisory... What is it?

mike_plymouth Jun 22, 2009

  1. mike_plymouth

    mike_plymouth Member

    Took the car for the free MOT with audi, it passed but i was given one advisory. Steering Pivot point slight play. What is a steering pivot point???

    Ive only recently had new wishbones, Ball Joints, ARB Bushes and Drop links and track rod ends fitted with strut top bushes and bearing replaced. I have know idea on what it is? Any Help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. emery1990

    emery1990 Active Member

    I think it might be where the steering wheels bar( dunt no the technical names) joins onto the to the axle, or what ever turns the wheels. the play i think is when the steering wheel kind of wobbles side to side, without any movemnet in the wheels, like on a motorway you move the wheel 10mm and youll go into to the other lane , butr if it has 10mm play then it will keep going in a straight line. If you no what i mean, like me as a plumber when we say theres play i n a pipe, you can move it around.

    Loose in other. think im right :D correct me if not someone
  3. RichA3Turbo

    RichA3Turbo ...Watching you! Moderator

    probably the tie rods. They are fairly cheap and fairly easy to replace. You can just buy the ends, but its not worth it as you wuld probably not manage to get them off the old rods.
  4. afcjay

    afcjay Member

    i think they mean the UJ on the steering coloum.as far as im aware its a new steering coloum job as the uj cant be replaced.
    thats if thats what they are referring to

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