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More Suspension Help... is £800 fair???

god_thats_quick Jul 23, 2004

  1. god_thats_quick

    god_thats_quick Numptie of the highest order

    Hi Guys....

    Finally found time to get my car to the dealers (Aston Green Audi) today, they did the 50k service (only £130, the only nice surprise for the day!) and the guy came with me on a test drive whilst I explained the problem, there seemed to be no doubt from the guy or myself that it was the antiroll bar or bushes causing the noise...

    had to wait around all afternoon as courtsey car wasn't available untill next week and was getting a bit urgent.

    went back to the dealers, they confirmed that it is the antiroll bar and bushed and also there is too much play in the tie rods??? the bill for them to do this was going to be £800 and they couldn't get me the car back till next tuesday, which is a problem as I need to go back to work in plymouth on monday.

    here's the thing, I think £600 labour is a bit much, I can live with the £200 for parts, but what does everyone else reckon about the labour? also I am 99% sure the tie rods or what ever the other dealer called them were replaced less than a year ago, why do they need changing again???

    does anyone know anywhere that would be able to sort this on saturday ie tomorrow in the south east, don't mind driving as long as they would have the parts and get it done!

    Cheers for any help guys... will let you know how I get on... who ever said s3's were cheap needs a slap!

  2. garethj

    garethj Member

    £800 sound like a rip-off, chances of finding someone else at short notice nill. Even if they could fit you in (very very very unlikely) they'd need to get the parts.

    Try The Auto Pool. Iver Heath Bucks. 01753 655011
  3. imported_bayliss

    imported_bayliss Guest

    Surely this does not pose an immediate danger?
    can you wait till next weekend, get some parts ordered and find a decent garage who won't rip you off?? I mean £600 for labour?????????????????????????


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