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More Central Locking Woes, Damn You Audi!

LoopTrooper Aug 17, 2012

  1. LoopTrooper

    LoopTrooper Member

    Okay, so when I got my A3 TDI the central locking wasn't working. The guy said he had tried a new pump on it but it didn't work. I don't know if he had or hadn't so after trawling about and trying to find a pump I ended up repairing my old one.

    The little plates in the pump had shattered so I repaired it using a mk3 Golf one which is very similar. Just needed to chop and solder a couple of wires. Put it all back together, put it in the car and tried to lock/unlock it and it sounded like it was creating a vacuum but it wasn't unlocking/locking the car. Tried it about 2/3 times then it made that noise where the pump isn't properly engaging and as I had though. The plates inside had broken again.

    Now my thinking is that if the guy had tried a pump and it didn't work, the same thing happened to him. The plates broke and thats why I didn't work. I have replaced the plates and it still doesn't work.

    I know the pump is a common issue on these but has anyone had this before?

    All I can assume is that there is a block in the line somewhere. So its building pressure and the brittle plates are the weakest part of the link and they are shattering. Is there anything else I should be checking as this is getting annoying now.

    Whole reason we bought the car is cause we've just had a kid and need something more practical than our Golf cabby and at the moment its not cause you have to climb in and out of the car to open the doors.

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