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More BAG than VAG!

jlawie Mar 19, 2013

  1. jlawie

    jlawie Member

    Just thought I'd pop a few pics up of my A3 as it now stands.

    Owned the car for about 11 months now....but really haven't felt much love for it since the off. Had nothing but Ford's up till the BMW 330d before this, but I can't wait to get a Ford back. German cars just don't sit right with me. Oh well.....I've tried.

    Anyway. Fitted coilovers from the first week of ownership and blacked out the grill surrounds. Sat like that for about 10 months. Few weeks ago she took on some bigger changes though. Slapped on some new coilovers, dropped em low on a set of Merc Alphards. Knew before fitting I was going to flog the car almost straight after, but needed to get the 'Stanced' look done and ticked off my list.

    Alphards have been played hard in the Golf scene and a few A3 rolling on them too....but once fitted, I could see why! These rims sit freaking sweet! 215/40 rears, 215/35 up front. It just works out the box!

    Got her up to the Stanceworks meet in MK last Sunday. Not really my thing anymore, but was more an excuse to get some pictures before I sell up. Didn't actually take any pics myself, just hoped some would appear on the net :) Will post up some more as I find them.

    a3_1 (Medium).jpg
    599228_4612742644951_384039375_n (Medium).jpg
    a3_3 (Medium).jpg
    a3_2 (Medium).jpg
  2. danone182

    danone182 Member

    You want to sell that, it looks very nice to me! The colour suits the car well too!
  3. Minstadave

    Minstadave Member

    Maybe your lack of love was due to ruining the suspension, fitting stupid oversized and staggered wheels (with stretched tyres too I guess?).....just at a guess. I hope it's not a diesel too.
  4. Rom

    Rom Member VCDS Map User

    You sit on that fence Dave!

    Luckily, not everyone wants the same thing from cars, or they would be very boring.

    Not everyone wants/needs/can afford an S3.

    He also didnt fit stupid wheels and stretched tyres for the first 10 months.
    So unless just a set of coilovers ruined his love for it?

    Better let the rest of the coilover users they have all ruined thier suspension, incase they didnt get the memo.
  5. SAiLO

    SAiLO Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Not my cup of tea these wheels.
  6. Ironborn

    Ironborn English...not so good

    Looks lovely! Visually what's the difference between 215/40 and 215/35?
  7. jlawie

    jlawie Member

    Coilovers totally transformed the lifeless drive! At 95,000 miles the shocks and spring we're hardly much use anymore. Regarding the 'stupid' comment, its a much better drive now than it was at standard! By a long shot!

    2.0FSi, wish it had been a diesel!

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