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Monster Beats Pro By Dr.Dre Chrome, Brand New in Wrap!!!

Discussion in 'For Sale/Wanted - Miscellaneous' started by timmythechef, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. timmythechef

    timmythechef Starin' Through My Rear View

    Jan 23, 2011
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    My 21st was on Saturday, and I had a set of these, don't really understand what all the rave is about these to be honest, and I'm quite happy with my JVC headphones.
    As the picture shows, they havent been opened and till in the plastic wrap.
    Looking for sensible offers, as I googled them and the RRP is £349.
    Here they are,

    Beats Pro Headphones – Beats by Dr. Dre from Monster

    And here are the ones in question,


    I'd be happy with £200 posted which I think is fair, or if you would like to pick up, offers are accepted.
    Im based in South Wales.

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