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Clint Oct 5, 2003

  1. Clint

    Clint New Member

    I want to do suspension/engine mods to my 99 A4. I bought it last summer w/ a 3 yr warranty through Audi. After questioning what mods would/wouldn't void warranty, I was told that it depends on the dealer that I take it too. My question than is if any of you know of a dealer in the Southern California area that would be cool about this? I live about 45 min south of Holywood off the 5 freeway. I want to do basic stuff such as Eibach Pro springs, new shocks, cold air intake, new exhaust, etc etc. Does anyone know of an accomating dealer around here or have any advice on what I should/shouldn't do to my A4? I know that's a pretty crazy request but I figure it won't hurt to ask. Thanks!

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