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Modifying S3 Sportback to look standard

davoaj Jan 21, 2012

  1. davoaj

    davoaj New Member

    Having decided on an A3 Sportback, preferably a 2.0T Quattro, I've been mulling over the thought of increasing the budget and getting an S3 but then making it look standard on the outside.

    Madness I hear you all shout!

    However, it's going to be something I keep for a while as hoping to start a family in the coming year and want something that looks very understated.

    Thinking that if I went for it there would be a good market to sell/part ex body kit with users looking to do just the opposite. What do you think?

    Parts wise, just off the top of my head I'm thinking the following would need to be swapped/replaced:

    Front bumper (all of it?)
    Side skirts
    Rear bumper (all of it?)
    Wing mirrors - possible to wrap in body color?

    Interior wise I'd probably leave as is unless I could find an immaculate half leather/half alcantarra interior to put in.

    Intrigued to see what you guys think, hear any obvious things I've missed.

  2. If its purely the extra power you're after, Buy a 2.0T Quattro and get it remapped.... would be a lot less hassle and expense!

    Plus you've also got to look at, in the future when you want to move the car on... who is going to want an S3 thats been made to look like an A3.... apart from stevie wonder.
  3. davoaj

    davoaj New Member

    Good points mate, was more intrigued by the ease with which it could be done.

    2.0T Quattro with a map, exhaust and revised suspension would probably be cheaper and not far off standard S3 specs I suppose.
  4. box500

    box500 Member

    What I would do personally is buy an S3, Stage 1 it and put 1.6tdi or 1.2tfsi badges on it.

    Possibly put steel wheels or cheap looking alloys on it but keep the same wheel/tyre widths and profiles etc.
  5. S.

    S. Save the manuals Team Ibis TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 quattro Manual

    Or just debadge it front and back..there are lots of s3 replicas, without badges very few people will know that is a real s3.
  6. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    An S3 isn't exactly out of the same school of styling as a Focus RS, its a pretty understated clean car anyway.

    You'd have to be bonkers to convert backwards.
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  7. Ash187

    Ash187 Audi-Retrofits.co.uk Site Sponsor VCDS Map User Gold Supporter quattro Audi A5

    if you buy a S3 sportback gimmi a shout and you can have my bumpers swapped for yours :friends:
  8. RPB

    RPB Active Member Team Ibis Audi S3 Black Edition DSG

    wtf? do what? omg! LOL with a Capital L to that. weird.
  9. davoaj

    davoaj New Member

    Ha ha appreciate it might not be the right demographic to be asking this to but was just interested to know what would be involved in terms of swapping stuff over. Reckon it could be done relatively inexpensively given the interest there'd likely be in the S3 parts.

    I know the S3 is rather understated anyway, but had just been thinking about the whole Q car thing and it struck me as a very easy way to create it.

    Will look closer at it all when I come to buy, if the right 2.0T Quattro comes up, makes it easier and saves me some money.

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