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Modifying EGR duty cycle and fuel on TDi

Neil_S Mar 30, 2008

  1. Neil_S

    Neil_S Member

    I read about modifying the EGR duty cycle and the amount of fuel going to the engine on another Audi forum so tried this today with the aim of reducing the amount of black smoke and dirtying on the EGR and intake manifold by reducing the EGR to it's minimum setting.

    The values I changed are found and modified by going into 01 Engine in vag-com, login using 12233 and in adaption, looking at channel 01, 02 and 03

    01 is apparently the fuel quantity, 02 the idle setting and 03 the EGR cycle

    All three were set to 32768 on mine, so I changed 01 to 32784 and 03 to 33638.

    Now the car just seemed a little more pokier on accelerating, the midrange seemed improved to me, I even had an S3 on the slip road onto the M40 earlier!

    I need some time to monitor the black smoke, fingers crossed it will be reduced.

    Original thread here, pages 2 and 3...

  2. Marko

    Marko Member


    Did you find this on vwaudiforums? If so it may have been something I logged. I put a thread on with changes I've made using vagcom.

    Your figures are exactly like mine, both pre and post changing. For a while I disconnected the pipe from the EGR and bunged it with a bolt. There was zero smoke then, even when hard accelerating. The trouble I had with that was that the turbo was still spooling on tickover. If I stopped the engine and re-connected and started, you could here it spool then stop after about 3 seconds and the EGR worked. For me, the gas that would have gone back into the engine was going through the turbo. Maybe these cars have been setup to use the EGR efficiently. SOme say it's an add and can be removed.. I;m not convinced.

    I babble on, but let us know how you find the smoking. It may clear some muck out in the mean time.

  3. inigoj

    inigoj Member

    The adaptation never seemed enough on my car, so i placed a ball bearing in the tube to the EGR valve, removing EGR function altogether.

    I do have an earlier 110bhp VE engine, so there are no problems with removing the EGR.

    What did you set your IQ to?
  4. Neil_S

    Neil_S Member

    Marco, yes that is the thread, i'm content just making these changes, won't be blocking anything off.

    I have the EGR and the intake manifold a thorough clean last year and they weren't too bad.

    Just wish I could solve this bloody shaking on idle, it's driving me mad.

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