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Modified Air Box

leezace Sep 23, 2004

  1. leezace

    leezace Member

    Hi, recently i modified my air box.
    I drilled some 19mm holes on the cold side of the turbo, i drilled about 18 i think.
    Has anyone done roughly the same and if so have you encountered any abnormalities ?
    I get a strange gurgle sound when the revs drop off from idle, i only notice this when staitionary and reving the throttle from under the bonnet.
    Air box sounds great when in motion, i suppose taping the holes up would solve my query.
    Any info would help thanx.
  2. K212

    K212 Member

    Why would you want to drill holes into the airbox? Doesn't the grill airdam provide enough for your engine?

    Also, how well does that atmospheric dump valve work? Does it act like a blow off valve and an internal diverter valve?

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