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Model advice

Alx Sep 11, 2006

  1. Alx

    Alx New Member

    Hi, I'm looking to buy an A6 Avant in the next couple of months and I've started researching the various models. I'm coming from a Mk4 Golf V6 4motion which i love (but too small for the growing family!) so I'm looking to get something with quattro and a reasonable amount of bottom end power. I'm going to be spending between £5-6k so I guess will be looking at a higher mileage model. So far I've narrowed it down to the 2.8 V6 quattro (seem to be more of these around), 2.5 TDI quattro (seem to go for a bit more money) and if one comes up at the right price, the 2.7T quattro.

    Any opinions on these models? or any others I should be looking at?

    Any advice appreciated. Cheers.
  2. simonwjones

    simonwjones Member

    I think it really depends on whether petrol consumption bothers you or not.

    the chapest of the bunch I would say would be the 2.8, the same as my previous Audi.

    A great engine, but not particularly quick compared to the 2.7T.

    Then again, a great car for long motorway journeys etc.

    I would have thought that all of them would have good bottom end power
    at your budget I would expect that maintenance and running costs would be higher on the tdi and 2.7.

    You really need to drive them and see what u think. A6 are prone to front track rods etc failing at high mileage. My 2.8 never let me down once apart from that.

    good luck

  3. Alx

    Alx New Member

    Thanks for the reply.

    Mileage doesn't really worry me - I live close to work so only do around 6k a year. I must admit I'm leaning towards the 2.7T at the moment - my only concerns are whether I will be able to get one at the right price without stupid mileage when i come to buy.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
  4. timsp8

    timsp8 New Member

    At the end of last year I was looking for a 2.8 quattro Avant at £5-£6K. Nothing came up at that price in the spec I wanted (auto and dark leather)The need to return a loan car to my father-in-law left me upping the budget and buying a 2.7T Avant. I paid top whack at an independent specialist but the big 80K cambelt service was done prior to collection. The only worrying problem has been a split copper washer by the fuel pump which sprayed petrol everywhere but was fixed for free by a local small independent. The car is rapid rather than outright fast, comfortable, good image and so far reliable over 12K miles. Did a family holiday to West Wales with wife and 2 kids with ease.

    Best bit about 2.7T Tip is 50-80 plus in 3rd. Recent Goodyear Eagle F1s good investment in terms of grip and road noise over standard Michelin Pilot Primacy.

    I get 26 mpg average but it will go up to 30 on the motorway. Keeping up with the traffic on country roads in Tiptronic (to minimise turbo lag) drops consumption into the mid teens but I don't do that often. Given your annual mileage diesel may not make sense.

    I worry about the turbos blowing (expensive) but searching the forums it seems to be a problem mostly with more highly stressed (usually remapped) S4s. Using a warm up routine (keeping below 3000 rpm until the oil is warmed up) and cooling down ( low revs for last few miles of journey) together with 5k oil change with premium engine oil are meant to make the turbos last longer.

    My wife had a Golf Mk3 VR6 in the late 90's and that felt faster and more sporty (but it was a much smaller manual car and we had it from new) Moving from Golf to A6 will feel reassuring. I think the seat warmer switches on my A6 are the same as those on the VR6!

    Hope that's of help. Happy hunting.

  5. Alx

    Alx New Member

    Thanks Tim, that's really useful.

    I think I'm talking myself out of the diesel at the moment - looking round they seem to go for more money and I don't think I'll save much money considering the low mileage i do.
  6. fjtwelve

    fjtwelve Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    My diesel is rapid, fun whether i'm thrashing up the A701 or alarming superbikes at 140 on the motorway, economical at 33mpg overall 20,000 mile service interval and the F1s lasting 16000miles. Its a mile gobbler that'll sustain 100-120 from one end of the M6 to the other, but i don't care to drive it in heavy traffic much. I went quattro because of the amount of driving i do in wet weather on non motorway roads and my last Passat slid around too much. 2WD is probably ok in most situations and you'll see closer to 43mpg than 33mpg. I've sat in it for 500 miles a day and it's still comfortable. 50 to 70 in 3rd? Yeah it'll do all that and i sometimes think theres a fault but look down to find its past the red line and i need to change up, but i get far too smug with the surge at 90+ in 6th. Sorry i've started rambling.

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