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Modded AEB engine for sale - feelers

macca Jul 12, 2010

  1. macca

    macca Member

    I have a The Engine Shop AEB 20v Turbo bare engine possibly for sale as I have given up on my Audi A4.

    Some of you might remember me from 2 or 3 years ago (Mark - Byzan should hopefully vouch for me), i was building a high BHP engine, and got The Engine Shop to build me one of their Power Plus engines.

    This involved taking my standard AEB engine and £3000 of my money lol, and rebuilding it with Arrow H-Section rods, lower compression pistons, new oil pump, all new uprated bearings and bolts, Newman fast road cam shafts, slightly polished head. They said this was easily able to cope with 300bhp and to be honest I was going to run 400bhp with a GT3071 turbo which while they didn't want to guarentee, said shouldn't be a problem at all.

    I put the engine in my car to run in for 8.000 miles as i wanted to make sure everything was ok. I then took the car off the road to fit GT3071 turbo, but unfortunatly my car got broken into twice. turbo was stolen and car door and locks all damaged. I then put the car into storage and things moved on after a 6 month battle with insurance company and paint shop (very bad quality of workmanship!).

    Now i have bought the car out and am putting a std engine in. i was going to keep the modded engine for a mk2 golf project, but i have a golf R32, motorbike and a daily driver as well and i just don't have the time and space.

    I am looking for £1650 for the engine, i have all the documentation that came with it, reciepts etc etc.

    i maybe willing to take a std engine in px, but it needs to be a good one, not a smoking, high mileage old wreck. I would probably be able to take engine + £1250 if px'ing.

    I am based in Brighton, Sussex.

    pm me if interested or email me at: macca (at) macmotorsport.co.uk

    cheers folks.

  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    alright there macca, sorry to here that.
    what valvetrain do you have in it? what spec are the cams?
    Any new ancillaries (alternator P/S pump etc)

    TBH you may have more luck stripping it and selling the parts individually.
  3. macca

    macca Member

    the engine is bare so no oil pump etc etc,

    i'm not exactly sure about the cams i was told they were fairly mild fast road cams, unfortunatly at the time i was in a hurry and just ordered without going into too much detail. error i know, but i will try and get specs from TES.

    the valves were brand new audi 1.8T sodium fillled ones (whatever std ones are), i didn't know about inconal ones at the time otherwise i would have gone that route, this isn't a 500bhp engine, but i think 350 - 400 bhp would be happy all day long, though would happy to have your view JCB on that as you had time to do a lot more research than me (how is your engine?).

    i'm not going to strip the engine, and was toying with idea of stripping car but not sure will get enough interest in everything, car is in pretty good nick with 85k miles and lots of history so don't really want to see it split.

    if i don't sell the engine i am no too bothered as a mk1 or 2 track car will probably get built at some point. i am trying to convince myself that i don't need another toy though.

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