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mrA4SLINE Jul 22, 2009

  1. mrA4SLINE

    mrA4SLINE New Member

    guys i need some advice....

    i recently bought an A4 S-Line 2.0TDI Cabrio B7 S-line Exterior kit...140BHP

    now this is not fast enought my cat needs to purrrrrr...lol

    so what should i do heres what im thinking and let me know pros n cons and your advice...

    1. Bluefin Remap to take it to roughly 180 bhp

    2. New exhaust system, but not sure which as miltek do not do for B7 Cab...and also which one would give more tourque and BHP

    3. K&N Air Filter - or other....

    what else can anyone suggest...recommend:undwech:
  2. Yellowtrophy

    Yellowtrophy Member

    I tried the 2.0TDI before going for the 2.0TFSI. I do 100 miles per day, and thought the diesel would be a better choice for economy. However, the fact that you can't get the cabrio with the 170 engine forced my hand. I agree that the 140 needs a bit more poke. In the end, fuel economy on the 2.0TFSI and the 2.0TDI are not that far apart anyway.

    Bluefin is (so I've heard) an excellent solution, and 180 would be a big improvement, especially with the torque gains. Not cheap though, and I would always worry a little bit about what is going on in inside my engine!

    As for the exhaust - I've been discussing the B7 cabrio situation with Milltek and Awesome GTI over the past few weeks. You are correct in saying that Milltek do not officially make an exhaust for the 2wd B7 cabrio. However, Awesome GTI have looked at the car, and looked at the Milltek exhaust from the 2wd B7 saloon. Following more discussion between them and Milltek directly, they have come to the conclusion that the saloon exhaust will go on the cabrio, so I am having mine fitted on 1st August. OK, mine is the 2.0T petrol, but it shouldn't make any difference for the 2.0TDI, as the chassis layout, cross bracing etc is all the same.

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