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Mod advice - Armrests, debadging, steering wheels, gear knobs and general updating

damodici Apr 9, 2013

  1. damodici

    damodici New Member

    Now weve got the A4 avant sline ive decided to start the dangerous path of modding.

    ill start small first to keep things simple as im no mechnic but ill look for a service manual so i can check how things come apart as i need to fix the interior lights (the little ones) and also upgrade the headlights as i dont like the orange indicator look.

    first on my list is sorting an armrest as it just feels wrong without one. I went to Nottingham audi the other day & whilst there i thought i'd try and get a good price on a black cloth version and the screen was telling us they're now discontinued them

    Ive been looking on ebay but most are aftermarket or the wrong version. Are any of the german aftermarket ones any good? or will other armrests from different models fit and match?

    Next up i was going to debadge the rear, ive checked online and it seems its as simple as heating up the badge to soften the glue and then gently use dental floss to work along the badge underneath, or alternatively use a few kettles of boiling water to loosen the glue? Does that sound about right?

    steering wheel is a definate on my list as the Avant one feels just a bit too smooth and old if im honest, id like an Sline one (perf sides) so from what i gather aslong as the airbag matches my square one its a case of simply removing mine and reconnecting the airbag to the new wheel, any audi wheel with a square airbag will fit, is that right?

    Also a matching perf gear knob, other than dealer prices of £122 where else can i get a 5 speed perf/ sline style gear knob and can i just replace the top part as the dealer was saying you have to replace the gator as well?

    Finally i quite like the look of the Cupra splitters as it just helps lower the front of the car, i see they're a good match for the sline bumper but is it something you need the car up on a ramp to do or is it bumper off time? If so is that a daunting task for somebody non mechanical or straight forward.

    appreciate any guidance gents, ill be up to speed soon but bare with me as car modding is relatively new to me :)
  2. Danny-boy

    Danny-boy Active Member

    I did my splitter on my drive with each side jacked up in turn. Was easy in the end, but takes time to get it sitting right.

    Rear badges, not boiling water but hot water. I took them off with no tools, just fingers. Meths removes the residue fine, then polish.


    View attachment 13889


    View attachment 13890
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  3. wyliss

    wyliss Member

    Hmmmmmmmmm always wondered about debadging? Why do it?
  4. Joe_Murphy21187

    Joe_Murphy21187 S-Tronic

    If you have a 2.0tdi and don't want people to know about it...?
  5. wyliss

    wyliss Member

    Ah I see. Well mine is a 2.0T petrol. Why would I choose to hide that? Just curious really. Cheers
  6. olethalb

    olethalb Active Member

    see if i can help out

    headlights - you can part them and remove the orange cover part aka de-tango

    armrest - keep a look out on ebay for a genuine item, i picked my leather one up for around £80

    debadge - i took all the badges off the rear of my DTM except the DTM badge and the rings, used a heat gun to warm the glue then some fishing line to 'saw' through the foam glue - also used fairy liquid to lube the fishing line to make it easier

    steering wheel - you are pretty much right as long as you are not swapping from normal 3 spoke to multi function (stereo controls etc) as they're not compatible with slip ring and control module

    gearknob - again keep a look out on ebay / classifieds. i picked an RS4 one up pretty cheap a few weeks back

    cupra splitter - best to get direct from SEAT, you can fit it with some decent self tappers or go OEM and get some torx screws from AUDI for the dirt shields and screw it on with them. you should be able to do it by just jacking the car up and putting it on stands. just make sure it central and secure :)
  7. A4_MaJiK

    A4_MaJiK Azeem

    I have a dirty diesel and I'm not proud of it LOL I've taken all the badges apart from the four rings and the quattro badge.
  8. damodici

    damodici New Member

    looks good
  9. damodici

    damodici New Member

    de-tango? Ill search for that as I guess it's all been done before by the sounds of it :)

    good news on the steering wheel, I assume trying to wire up the multi function side of things is a nightmare is it? If so then I'm happy with a good old fashion steering wheel, just a nicer one than I have currently ;)

    regards the splitter I reckon even I can do that although watch this space for a 'I've got a wonky splitter' thread
  10. damodici

    damodici New Member

    One thing on the armrests, is it only B6 & B7 that will fit? If so what year does a B6 run from-until?
  11. lukey baby

    lukey baby Member

    To get a multifunction steering wheel working you need to have the right slipring and get it coded via vagcom.

    If you dont already have it, alot of people retro fit cruise control and DIS while doing this.
  12. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Hi mate

    I wish to get rid of my genuine Audi black cloth armrest so I could swap out with your centre console if it's in great condition?

    Where are you based?

    I find it gets in the way of changing gear when down and my elbow hits it when up. Must be my long arms!

    PM me to discuss if interested. Alistair (Solihull, West Mids)

    Last edited: Apr 9, 2013
  13. Newbos

    Newbos Member

    I'll do a swap with you mate. If you want to fit an armrest do you need a different centre console? I can't see where it would go. On my old anni golf you just took part of the existing console out and put the armrest in.
  14. jdp1962

    jdp1962 Grumpy Old Moderator Staff Member Moderator TFSI Owners Group Team V6 Gold Supporter Team Tornado Audi S4 Black Edition quattro s tronic

    You don't need to change the console. There's gap between the back of the handbrake and the front edge of the rear ashtray. It mounts in there. You need to unscrew the back end of the console to bolt the mounting bracket into place, then cut a rectangular hole in the space between handbrake and ashtray, directly above the bracket, for the armrest to drop onto. Lots of fitting guides on here; just do a search.
  15. Big Al

    Big Al Active Member

    Great, my console is already cut having the armrest fitted so it's easier to swap with your uncut console. Just PM me your name, mobile no and location so we can chat.

  16. Danny-boy

    Danny-boy Active Member

    I'd go for this if it falls through mate, I'm in Birmingham.

  17. DeeGee68

    DeeGee68 DeeGee68 Team Mythos TFSI Owners Group Audi S3 Manual

    Hi guys!

    Sorry to put my 'oar' in BUT can anyone tell me what the OD is for the gear stick on an AUDI A3 (8P) as I am looking to fit a custom gear knob but can't seem to find this information from AUDI themselves as they can only give me 'part numbers'. If not I may have to 'try' and remove the gear knob myself but am limited in my mechanical skills. I am worried as I do not know what I am doing I may damage the gear stick due to ignorance.

    Thanks for any assistance you can impart to me.


  18. Mike_B

    Mike_B Active Member

    I imagine this might get you started? http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a4-a4-...val-replacement-general-tarting-up-guide.html
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