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mobile phones again

Nel Mar 5, 2005

  1. Nel

    Nel New Member

    hi what do you guys think of the spvc500? seen in on a good deal but not sure about the phone itself!
  2. ajmackie

    ajmackie Member

    Bainsyboy wrote in "What Mobile Phone????" : -

    ORANGE spvc500 is quite a good phone, but its only only orange runs windows with msn messenger and can sync it to your computer for microsoft office and if you go to orange site you can download software for £16 that converts dvds to the phone that you store on memory card which is rather good, bluetooth on it is bit naff though as i can only receieve stuff like videos and pictures but cant send them. Games wise not really much to choose from. Whatever phone you go for if your looking for headset try skullcandys the link sold in The link phone shops sound out of them is real good ifyou like the bass didnt work well with my phone though as skull candy have said they havent made a set to go with my phone yet link told me univerasl altough i did get media player to play through them the phone function didnt work but there worth the money if compatable with the phone you go for.

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