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MMI Nav + Map Update

illingworth22 Apr 30, 2014

  1. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member TeamMisano Audi S3 Audi A3

    Has anyone here updated there Maps with Connect, MMI & Nav +? The reason I ask is that I logged onto myAudi and clicked on the map update and downloaded a small file to an SD card. When I put the SD card into the Car and tried to upday the car told me there was no recognisable media in the car's slot. I downloaded the full map option!
  2. andywil13

    andywil13 Active Member It's my birthday

    I did it the other day. When you say small file, how small. The full maps update is several Gb. Can't remember exactly but maybe 12GB
  3. illingworth22

    illingworth22 Active Member TeamMisano Audi S3 Audi A3

    Not 12GB at all! I did it twice.....

    Map Update Service ---> Complete Package ----> then hit the Prepare Package. It then downloads the following, downloader-6096273679.jnp which is only a 7.8kb file?
  4. 0B1001001

    0B1001001 Well-Known Member Team Monsoon Audi S3

    You need Java - open that 7.8KB JNP file with Java and it'll launch the Audi downloader.
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  5. techgorilla

    techgorilla New Member

    hello i just downloaded the new map update for 2015 audi s3 the maps installed right now on car are 2014 maps
    i have a sd card 32gb its a .zip file 02110014.zip everytime i try it in the car it says no files i have done everything right what Audi says too do
    i have to rename the file? or extension? to .jnp or something else? i did extract all the files into the folder and tried that ....it did not work. :(
    i also try a usb flash drive no luck.
    This is P.OING Me right off please help.
    thank you.

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