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MMI - CD Title assistance required please

scotsgogs Jul 28, 2007

  1. scotsgogs

    scotsgogs New Member

    Hope someone can assist me on this one.

    I have a 2006 A6 saloon (S-line) with MMI (full colour screen) including BOSE & 6 cd multichanger in the glove compartment.

    The problem that I have is that when a cd is inserted in the 1st location in the multichanger it displays a cd title on the MMI screen and all the associated tracks (an AC/DC album) despite this not being the cd that is actually in the machine. Changing the cd to another one (doesn't matter if it a pre-recorded one or a copy of one from my collection) has no impact on this with the same album information still displayed.

    I've accessed the menu to 'name a cd' - as this gives the option to delete a name but this is 'greyed out' not allowing selection of this function.

    Does anyone have any clues how to remedy this and delete the information displayed?

    All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.

  2. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Have you tried naming the CD in slot one?
    Not all Cd's have CD text, so does it still insist on AC/CD even with a known CD text enabled CD in position one?
    Do all the other positions work OK?
  3. scotsgogs

    scotsgogs New Member

    The other slots appear to work ok, i've been footering (scots for playing about with it lol) and it appears it's only 2 copied cd's that are causing the problem (not what I originally thought). Need to have words with No 1 son (who's in charge of burning cds and mp3s in the hoose) as it looks like something that has carried over from a previous burn.

    Thanks very much for taking the time to reply.


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