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mk4 golf intake problems

slight_problem Aug 21, 2008

  1. slight_problem

    slight_problem New Member

    my mate has kindly givin me his intake cone that he had on his skyline.
    so i thought id get to work on fitting it. read many post of all sorts of forums about different intake systems. so iv sort of taken a little from each.

    what iv done is.

    went out brought a std airbox. choped the top in half so the maf sensor side is still there thought this will act like a cold air box for the cone and smoothed the internals. ran a cold air in take from the bumper in to the box.
    ran silicone hose from the maf into what was left of the std box and connected the cone.
    problem is its absolutly killed my performance and iv got harly any torque through the rpm range, could the filter just be duff or is it my diy work

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