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Mk3 Golf with S3 Dash and R8 Wheel

ashgolf Jun 16, 2012

  1. ashgolf

    ashgolf New Member

    Thought id make a thread to show you guys the dash conversion.
    A while back i was asking whether i would be able to fit s3 clocks in due to the immobiliser built in, well spoke to a company in germany that did wiring harnesses and they made me one!

    Few things light up on the dash, immobiliser light, traction control, all the stuff an s3 would have but i dont... this i dont mind though.

    was alot of cutting to get it to fit, (width wise its slightly shorter) wiring a fair amount of it will plug in and play.

    Decided also that instead of the billet steering wheel i was going to fit, id see about getting a s3 wheel... then decided why not spend a little (alot!) and get a flat bottom one. So after watching a few on ebay i managed to pick one up with paddle shift but no radio controls from an r8 so was very happy with it and that was a direct fit!!

    Im still trimming some pieces due to the door cards hitting the sides of the dash so heres a few photos of how it looks for you to see :)


    got rid of the hazard button etc at the top of the centre console and custom made ports for my air ride gauges/switches

    also in the centre i wanted somewhere for my boot/fuel cap button (my fuel cap is a TT mk2 one!) and also the 12v socket so did this

    Let me know what you think :)
  2. Vex182

    Vex182 Guess what I drive...

    That's awesome snd so differnet. Big respect for that.
  3. Danio


    I would recommend you to put facelift centre console in. With that steering wheel You will get nice fresh interior look.

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