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Mk3 golf vr6 won't start

Thatch85 Jul 25, 2012

  1. Thatch85

    Thatch85 Member

    Bought this car as a non running project. Had a water leak which was thermostat housing. Everything fixed but it wont start. Turns over and I can smell fuel like its flooding the car but just wont fire. It's on an r plate. Does anybody know if these are immobilised? It's got an alarm box under the bonnet but I have no fob for it. The key has got no chip in but it looks like it should have a battery in it!

    Second I've noticed if I leave the cap off te header tank and turn the car over all the water sprays out of the top and empties the bottle. Pretty sure that's not right?

    Any ideas guys? Cheers

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