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Mk3 Diesel Golf 1.9, £750. 151,000. Gloucester.

Smeds Apr 15, 2014

  1. Smeds

    Smeds Active Member

    Bought this car for my girlfriend early last year when her old car died after two months of ownership. She's now been gifted a newer Astra with electric windows and a CD player. (IMO she should sell the Astra but she won't listen to reason)

    Overall the red bodywork is decent, a bit of the usual rust on the wings and some clear coat has peeled. The interior is basic, but it's a comfortable place to be (apart from the worn trim) the car drives very smoothly and quietly. The gears are smooth and easily selected. It has been sitting for a few weeks now and takes a little to start sometimes. But when in use it was fine, probably just needs a run down the motorway, but not currently insured.

    Over the time we've had the car the following work has been carried out,

    New front discs and pads. New water pump and associated belts. New power steering belt. New alternator belt. New glow plugs and New Fuel Filter. Most of this work was carried out by VW and Audi Specialist of Stonehouse, they've commented on how tidy the engine is.

    With the work carried out, and how it drives, I think this car will be a really good workhorse, 151,000 gives it plenty of life ahead of it. Part of me will be very sad to see it go. A wise purchase for the money?

    Drop me a pm if interested, sure I've missed plenty of info.

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