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Mk1 TT QS Depreciation?

thesmileyone May 5, 2012

  1. thesmileyone

    thesmileyone Active Member Gold Supporter Audi A3

    As much as I like my 8P a3 tdi, I am thinking of, in a few months, upgrading to a TT Quattro Sport (in black, i like subtle).

    I would need to spend around £9750 to get a good black 40k mile one thats been looked after. My car is worth around 5k, so wont be too expensive of an upgrade, so will buy it in cash.

    I am wondering what is going to happen in the form of depreciation? Are values going to massivley drop soon, I dont want to buy one for £10k to find they are only worth £6k in 12 months?

    Also, as a quick check, is the QS any different to the 225 when it comes to big turbo kits? Will it be a problem if I came into some cash and decided to fit a gt35R or something like that?
  2. dzTT

    dzTT Active Member

    I would highly doubt that the QS qill depreciate by that much in all honesty. I know there is a New TT planned for 2013/14 but i dont think it will affect the QS as it is a rare edition.

    The engine, if im not mistaken, is pretty much the same as the TT 225 with only it having a sublte map change taking it to 240 standard.


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