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MK1 tt in dire need of ICE upgrade. Got some olllld kit in the loft.

zack1uk Feb 24, 2011

  1. zack1uk

    zack1uk New Member

    My wife just bought a very nice Mk1 tt 1.8 225 with (non bose) cassette / CD changer. It sounds Ok but def needs upgrading.

    I still have all the kit that I removed from my Rover Coupe 13 years ago. Its all about a day away at the back of the loft so I don't remember model numbers but I'm pretty certain it includes the following:

    JVC CD Tuner HU (Top of the range at the time but very willing to buy something better now)
    Infinity Kappa 3 ways components, with the emit tweeters, 4inch mids and passive crossover. (the 6*9s blew and were replaced with dedicated Pioneer 6.5inch woofers - blue spirally plastic cone ones)
    MB quart 2 way (I think they are the 5.5 inch ones - bought for my old company mondeo but never fitted)
    Sony 600w (peak) 4/3/2 way mid range amp (was about £300 at the time)
    10 Pioneer (blue plastic vortex cone again) in a Kenwood ported box.

    It needs to have full Ipod control (not just 1st 6 playlists etc, like my HK drive play) so I'll either need a HU with control or one with 3.5mm / phono ins and then use another HK Drive+play.

    Its been so long since I contemplated an ICE install and it was all so easy in those days. Now I have to worry about Canbus and VAGCOM and all sorts of other electrical wizardry.

    If I can I'd like to make use of the infinities, possibly replacing the 6 inch woofers but still making use of the mids and tweets, as well as keeping the amp and sub.

    Can / should I use the MB Quarts in the rear panels, and the million dollar question what HU for about £150 to £250 (I always liked Alpine in the 80's and 90's) ?

    Cheers for making it this far :blush:
  2. zack1uk

    zack1uk New Member

    Half the gear above was wrong. I've found most of it from the loft and its:

    Infinity Kappa CS1 Components (but with a pair of Kenwood KFCw1703 17cm woofers, not the original 6x9s). Think its a 4.5inch or 5 inch mid so not sure if thats gonna fit in a tt door panel
    Kenwood W series 10 inch sub
    Sony XM 504X amp (pre xplod) 300W

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