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Mk 1 TT owners wanted for feature in Audi Driver mag

NBirkitt Sep 8, 2009

  1. NBirkitt

    NBirkitt Member

    The model profile article in the forthcoming October issue of Audi Driver magazine will feature the Mk 1 TT and we're looking for half a dozen owners who would like to be interviewed about their cars, for an owners' opinions section

    If you're interested, e-mail me back with your (most convenient) phone number and I'll pass it on to the feature writer, Peter Noad, who will contact you at a mutually convenient time to conduct a phone interview

    Ideally we also need a pic of your car, preferably a decent hi-rez digital, so maybe this could be emailed along with your initial contact – just send the best one or two please, rather than bog my InBox down with your full photoalbum and incidental pics of the missus ;)

    Please email me at: Neil.Birkitt@autometrix.co.uk

    ( Include your full postal address also and we'll make sure you get sent a copy in the post when it is printed – this issue goes on sale first Wednesday in October )

    We look forward to hearing from you :)

    Neil Birkitt
    on behalf of Audi Driver magazine
  2. Audimad

    Audimad Well-Known Member

    Don't let Paul Harris see you calling them MK1. In the mag they are Series 1. If you ever require MK2, oops sorry, Series 2 let me know. :icon_thumright:

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